Growing Plastics

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, August 13, 2020 12:32 PM

Growing Plastics on Mars; Growing plastics on Earth or Mars is now possible, the synthetic is an absorption of chemicals that lay laded in the ground. The common place for the recovery of such chemicals are the coal manufactures for energy. Their byproduct is stored in huge fields and conduct material to resonate. This is known as COAL ASH, its liquid form has its draw backs on the Earth due to contamination to water ways and streams. The material is perfect for natural fibers that look and feel like plastic, and its an easy conduction to the plastic. The algorithm shows that at certain depths a well is drilled into the Earth or Mars and the material is poured in. The well must be 2500 ft, deep. At this location a process starts in a molecular displacement due to the vacuum of the planet. There are some similarities between Mars and the Earth, but the Earth is more responsive to growth enrapture because of sand. The quest is to provide building material to Mars in a synthetic collaboration with Coal Ash, The chemicals are the right ingredients at vacuum levels of the Earth and Mars. Drill holes as if planting an orchard and in 51 days a chemical reaction begins, it starts to grow, similar to rock crystals but with an overwhelming sense that the material will be used for all things made of plastic. On Mars they can be harvested like trees and on Earth they may reach 22 ft. Mars has one draw back ,sand, it must be added to harmonize the Martian soil. The growth enrapture will be slightly longer due to the gravity inflection but results are the same. Harvest the material and transform the material to building structures. strong and thick structures are one way to produce building materials for Mars Colonization's. We here on Earth can profit from such innovations, in plastics for sewer piping, electrical boxes, and all things made of plastic. The harsh chemicals are subdued in the growth process and economical way to remove the coal ash is invented. The plant sequence is alpha collegiate manufacturing for space studies, Coal ash distribution in calvine intercept at 2.18 vacuum, separated at 13.8 ft apart. drill 2500 ft. pour in and wait. The vacuum is the hydrator nothing more to do, and the plastic trees will emerge up, on to the landscape or planet. Induction at hydro deficiencies alpha 21871386.2 Coal Ash. Recoil.

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