Gyroscope Technology

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 5, 2019 9:15 PM

Exocentric Satellites; Induction bears another type of craft its slightly different than the Class 5 Star Craft in that its unmanned. This is the induction that can start all the inductive innovations. Its made of aluminum and has a wall thickness of 3/8 of an inch. It has cylindrical base and copies the illustration on our face page. They are projection satellites. They are designed to lift just like the star craft, but they have a gyroscope to energize the casing. There is no battery in the sense of electron harvesting. It does provide enough lift capability to delineate the 41 degrees needed to lift to any part of the solar system. Its projection design is to lift millions of miles above the Earth and project the signal alpha in confluence with the Class 5 or to Earth. It has intermediate design capabilities. The exocentric satellites have a small inductive linear accelerator. The technology allows for lift in Earths atmosphere similar to the Class 5 but only one delineation. The Exo lifts at 41 degrees and that is all it does, but it can go for millions of nautical miles. Its projection is for distance multiplied by the fuel expense to set above planets in our solar system and their orbits. The Exocentric has the capability to hang above any planet or moon. Its the gyroscopic technology that allows this stationary orbit just above any planet or moon. The expense of the fuel is critical in the detail of the technology. When the Exocentric runs out of fuel it is at its destination for Comcast venture or real time communication. The distance is millions of miles above any one of our planets or moons and hangs there is transit orbit. These satellites are unique in that a triangular detention can be set up around the solar system. When the fuel expense is run its course the satellite is in detention. It can stay there for an indefinite period of time due to the 31.18 gyroscope mounted inside the Exos main body. The onboard allows the battery to be charged at all times due to the rotation of the gyroscope inside. The interlock delta is at 2.18 inside absorption. The vacuum is in detail to the solar system vacuum. This allows the gyroscope to turn indefinitely and constant power is generated for long stays above any planet including our Gas Giants. The draw back is the battery system will only allow for 279.8 years in rotating delta due to conflict alpha signal disdain. New innovations can improve this estimate but will be able to communicate in real time due to this technology for hundreds of years. The craft can be retrievable and not crash into the planet its in detention with. Hull calliope is delta at 2278122381.2.

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