Handling Anti-Matter

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, November 7, 2019 10:27 PM

Molecular Oversight; The combination of the molecular oversight in Anti-Matter has compliance in the distress of the structure. It does not like conglomerate it freezes in collidle alpha secursions. Anti-matter likes a hot securum to move in. It does not have any free radical to distress the structure. The material is a solid state when expelled from the exploding star. As soon as it hits the conglomerate of space it defuses to conical dysphasia, It wants to deform, but can not. The evidence of this is the alpha signal we see in the witness of a Super Nova. The conical dysphasia turns blue in the coronagraph alpha signal. The material may lay dormant for centuries. It has dysphasia attributes in the induction phase of inductive crafting. If the Linear accelerator decides to columbine the dysteria in the area of the exploded star the Star Craft can exhume the material where it details. This may be a common practice to deliver a higher induction propellant to the craft. The technology must be delivered in the solid state first, then required to cavitate the dysteria in a steel cylinder 4 inches thick built into the craft. The column cannot exceed 2 grams of the material. The secretion process is a delicate one, but can be handled in a fluid that is dragged into the fuel expense chamber. The conical fluid is to be determined to control the heat variance in the alpha signal matrix. The variance is hot and can be controlled with heat. The process can be up to eight hours in secretion. Once the material is exhumed into the Star Craft it is stored in a large cylinder and the molecular structure is dragged to the induction chamber, it has the securum with dense material and can advance the Craft 2 fold. The Drag solution is the variance as to the adopted speed in the variance. The control variance is per molecule. Two grams will result in light years reduced to months of travel. The speed variance is only as fast as the Star Craft top-out speed, but twice as fast as the density will allow. The material has columbine with Methane Hydrate propulsion. The molecular structure is an advance in speed for crafts that operate with induction. All other crafts with the securum would be a disaster. The regulation in Anti-Matter has variance with speed and must be handled in the indifference like a sun would handle it. It is a slow process and the absolved material is controlled with heat. Once in the Star Craft it can last for many years at one molecule at a time. Its a propellant and used in space delta as a rectifier to long distances. Corporal Space Law in Conical Dysphasia, 4478122381.4. The safe signal to all travelers is a red light at the under belly at 12 inches in diameter to warn, this craft is Conical and Anti-Matter is absolved.

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