Hanging the Satellite

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, October 7, 2019 9:03 PM

Dremel Levity; Exocentric satellites operate with Dremel Levity. They defy gravity in the columbine of a planets Dremel dexterity. Every planet has a Dremel persuasion, the confine delta allows for the phenomena, its where the planet allows for confluence from the Universe. Its the area above the planet that allows certain chemicals to enter. The Dremel levity is different for each planet ,but they all have one. Its the easiest way to convince the planets dexterity to evolve. Typically the Dremel levity starts at the surface of the planet but can start higher in the atmosphere like the Earth at 1481. The elevation is constant disdain to atmospheric disdain from the planet, the planet protects its confluence with the Universe. It has choices to determine the chemicals delivered or exchanged. The Dremel Levity is where we seek to place the exocentric satellites. Jupiter for example the prime location is Dremel levity alta 2 million,481 thousand above the Gas Giants demetri alpha state of converse alpha with the Universe. It can be higher but this is an ideal placement for the Exocentric. The columbine will reveal the strength of the planets signal and may be heard from light years away. It will also reveal its graviton inflection to the Earth. Finding the Dremel levity for each planet is tricky but can be located in dartmouth alpha signaling. Its the area where there is silence. This area is most important to the planets confluence with the Universe. It listens as well as expresses its dartmouth to the Universe. There is confluence out there and every planet and moon will express its dartmouth to the Universe. Its the communication of the planets delta its rotation alpha signal, its delta to other planets and so forth. Finding the silence is revealing the planets innate ability to confluence with the Universe. The Exo satellites do well here because of the silence in demand of the planet. This levity is preposterous in detail to space crafts but for Exo- satellites its ideal to communicate our transmissions. The stronger the silence in cavitations to the planet the clearer the communication to the Earth. Dremel Levity in alpha states columbine delta in confluence 224488281.3

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