Hey Universe look at me

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 9:56 PM

Blemish Dupree; Chemicals in space have one thing in common, they all turn the planet or moon four revolutions first, This is known as Columbine Delta. They capture the planet and let the Blemish Dupree work its chemical reaction. The sedimentary Rock reacts to the dysteria, This reaction does not matter if the core is metal or plasma. The chemical Dupree is columbine as the weather, The Blemish Dupree has advance in secursion to the sedimentary rock. Its molecular structure creates such forces we call it density infraction. The chemical makes it to the planet from millions of miles traveled and pushes the planet like a bully on the play ground. The four revolutions are important, this blemish Dupree is an example of how space algorithms work. These structures are not fooling around the planet or moon responds with revolutions. If four revolutions is accomplished the Universe takes notice. Three does not cut it. The Universe is congealed to that rotation. The Blemish Dupree is an advance for the Universe and the columbine receives help from the Universe in gravity inflection to the planet or moon. The planet is bombarded with chemical Dupree, and then receives its prize 'gravity'. The algorithm is quite clear in the Dupree analysis. If the planet or moon falls short the gravity will pre-exist for ever, but not until the planet has recovered a stronger Blemish Dupree will it see the force of gravity in exaltation Dupree. Revolutions that are no longer chemical, but gravity force in delta to the axes of the planet or moon. Blemish Dupree can last for 81 million years in the cavitations of a planets delta. The Universe never forgets about the planet or moon. There is always some gravity for it but how strong is the planets, delta depends on the determination of the planets on recourse. It may decide to reverse or retro grade and see if the gravity inflection is better. The planet wants to win the convulsions of the Universe. Higher Dupree's allow for stronger gravity inflection from the Universe in planets that create the graviton. This condition is happening here in our own Solar System. Blemish Dupree can change the rotation of the Planet or Moon. Faster or slow, its confine delta at work. 410022381.2 over 128122381.4.

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