How The Planets Communicate

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, August 29, 2019 12:38 AM

Signal 128122481.2; This is the signal that is of conscience mind delivers. How do we get this signal? Its the disparity in-value. When you laugh the corresponding signal is an alpha state. All volume is a signal. Its the communication to the stars. Particles have disparity in volume. For every particle there is a signal. For every signal there is a sound. For every amount of gravity there is a signal. Mars has 1/10th the gravity of Earth but it still communicates with the Universe. How does this giant Universe here the signal from Mars? It moves particles in decibels. That decibel is flagrant to the Universe. This faint alpha signal is allowable to disdain oxygen. For every signal there is a command to the Universe. The planet could ask for more oxygen but it lacks the gravity influx from Jupiter. The signals are calibrated in our solar system. Planets and moons communicate to the Sun and some to the Universe. Our Sun has 3 very distinct signals to the variation of planets and moons in our solar system. The Sun is the boss. When planets stop delivering their signal to the Sun it goes to the Universe. The gravity influx is delta minimum to that planet unless things change for the planet. If we terraformed Mars and bring elements to feature, the planet will change. Its dim signal will go on in the annuls of space time. Jupiter will never convulse its graviton to Mars because its focus is Earth. How do we build gravity inflection to Mars. Once you understand how its done its an easy detail. We must bring the planet Mars the ability to convulse the graviton to Mars. What do we do to accomplish this task? The Terraform is the advance to Mars. We must bring material that is on Earth to Mars. Organic material and as much as possible. Seaweed mulch, soil, tree limbs, all organic material we can think of will change the landscape of the signal to the Universe. The graviton will then be dispersed to Mars too. Gravity influx is delta to the Universe It has a different signal and the Universe follows the graviton to the place of origin and signals the Gas Giant to release the vescue in delta to Mars. Now Mars has a higher signal outlay and requests more oxygen, the Sun complies in its own signal and the Terraform begins naturally, but with a little help from people of Earth and some contents that have signal alpha built into its DNA. The organic Terraform does not have to be alive just clumped together in various areas of the planet. We are the control Yoke of our solar system and to Terraform any planet this is how its done, signal distress from the planet to the Universe and to the Sun. If there is microbes in subterranean as expected the rains could be in as little as 81 years.If we can convince the Universe that a signal has changed, more oxygen, and gravity will be the convoluted. Gravity influx, delta the atmosphere, convolute the dysteria change the signal. 410088781.2

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