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EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 10:35 PM

Dremel Levity Mars; The social alchemy for Mars has the ability to create the Dremel Levity at 2,482 ft above the surface. The Exocentric works well at this elevation for Mars. The Exo would launch at day break at 4104.2 in delta to Mars. The fuel expense is 2200 gallons of Methane Hydrate, The Exo will be in transit orbit above Mars in 4,100 days. It will run out of Fuel in the expression alpha segate at 2,482 ft. above the surface of the planet. The contingency will be if the Exo rotates or not. If the satellite turns slightly it will be contingent. If not the satellite could end up on the surface in 8,300 days. The density allows for the transit orbit above the planet, but the nuclear inflection will create the contingency. The complex algorithm shows two things could happen, one it does not turn at all. Two it meets the contingency at alpha segate 2482, this is the ideal location for the transit orbit. It allows perfect communication to Earth. The sound variance is expected to allow the variance for clear communication for most of the day and 2/3rds of the night. The drop offs are part of the contingency and nothing to improve. Mars has vascular disdain in the Universe. This is good for the Lear or people visiting the planet. The satellite will be visual on clear days and nights, its well above storm alterations for the planets circumference. The density in vacuum is 2.18 over and meets the arboretum in detail. The Exo can bounce up and down for approximately. 12 ft. Its part of the contingency with the nuclear inflection and expected. Its rotation is in variance with the planets own alpha signal. The Lear will be able to contact the satellite in variance. Inductive satellites can be moved in the variance if a clearer expression is needed. The alpha segate does not change much, but can be lateral up to 259 miles north or south. The calliope must be in control and would need to Star Crafts to re-locate the Exo to perimeter arboretum. The energy is a calliope when in tandem alpha signaling. Exo satellites can be useful on the planet surface, for power source. The dismay for signal alpha contingency is abrupt, but can generate small amounts of power to surface tests and collaboration if the satellite fails in the transit orbit. 48133281.2.

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