How to Use Anti-Matter

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 9:08 PM

Heat Faction; The Star Craft has the ability to gather Anti-Matter, It uses the a vapor made from Air, the Air is super heated. The reason we use Air is because Anti-Matter has a frequent with Air. Its a byproduct of the material sanctioned in the Bellahomy of space. After the sanction from the Anti-Matter the gravity is pulsed into a vacuum of space. Its held there until the planet warrants the down of gravity. The planet is warning the Universe that there is delta down happening with the planet. The planet begins to turn violently. The Universe recognizes the spin aperture involvement and the gravity is held in suspension. The planet may spin until the end of time or until the Universe allows for the delta down. If the Universe allows for delta down then the planet sets a new determination. It begins to slow down, it also relives the space around the planet by slowing down. This slow down prompts the Universe to untangle the atmosphere and condition only the elements in the atmosphere. Nitrogen can now be seen, hydrogen follows and then oxygen, The process is started by the Anti-Matter, the connection to Air is critical in understanding the technology. The centrifuge is spinning very fast the vapor is creating friction and a slow heat up of air is the condition. This is the ideal condition to interact with Anti-Matter. Heat Faction is the result of the heating process. When the centrifuge spins the contents vapor and air mixed the securum is added to the mix its the delta in chamber, the columbine is hydrogen in very small amounts. The course allows for micron delta only with the Hydrogen. The Anti-Matter begins the heating process during this congeal, Anti-Matter likes heat, and wants to expand in nature. Its this securum that is released to the inversion field. The ideal temperature is 651.2 degrees this prompts the Anti-Matter to start the expansion process. Once released the craft set to launch from one speed to great Mach speed. Heat Faction makes the power to move quickly in space with Anti-Matter. The technology is alpha segate delta conversion, 78122381.2.

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