Human Spirit in Space

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, December 14, 2019 7:29 PM

The Human Spirit; The Human body is a deltoid in space. The deltoid is the infraction the human body is in existence. When you die on Earth the consciousness is aware your death, in space it is not. The body breaks down on Earth where in space it may be hundreds of years before the calibration of space will invoke any disdain. As a Human spirit the conscious mind is at work. In space the mind will collapse. You have a spirit when on the Earth. You have a spirit in space, however in solitude. On the Earth you can interact with the known collective. If you leave the planet the consciousness is severed. The reason you loose is because of the people you are inherently joined with. This energy of the mind is delta it has consequence, it will move freely on Earth. In space you must be spiritually infracted. The spirit has to have density withdraw to move in space, therefore the consciousness is also stagnate in space. Gravity has the Human spirit not the space conglomerate.

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