Hydrogen Duplex

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 15, 2020 2:05 PM

Hydrogen the duplex; Hydrogen is confusing to most scientists they are drawn to its ability to transform from hydrogen to a plasma injection attribute. When traveling in space the hydrogen molecule is always in the forefront, its ability to transform is always a risk. Its ability is known as a duplex delta. It can columbine certain molecules without even understanding its final make-up. It does this based on the 'Conversion Principle', Hydrogen will convert when the ability reaches its critical mass. Hydrogen has a particular charge than most molecules, its duplex is sovereign. The particle is everywhere, its source is not created in our Universe. It is the particle that holds our Universe in its density deflection. Hydrogen does not come into our Universe compounded, it is the only one with a duplex to the Universal wall. Hydrogen has a vases delta. It does not begin to compound until its in our Universe due to density deflection. When the hydrogen passes through the walls of our Universe its delta is faster than the speed of light. The hyperopic is its photon exchange when in vases delta through the walls of our Universe. The hydrogen molecule before it passes through is 10 times larger. It has a molecular count of 1000 up tons in its delta. This count is extroadary, the alpha particle is resilient, it conforms to our Universe like water to water. It develops its duplex as soon as the particle is inside our Universe. Once there, its duplex is extended to a vascular intrigue, it develops like any other particle, but with a caveat, its delta has increased in the compound nature. Its upton delta is greatly reduced but now can travel at the lower speed of light. The reason its slower is because of density defection. Hydrogen is a mass that holds our Universe together like a black dot on a piece of paper. The black dot represents our Universe. Hydrogen is the congluancy in alpha states. This white space that surrounds our Universe is extremely strong and does consider other Universes as a multiverse inclusion. The alpha algorithm is complicated but does lead to this conclusion. 7812248122381.22 over 128122381781.22. White Space with photons over black space our Universe.

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