Hydrogen In Collapse

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, August 11, 2019 11:26 AM

Signal to disdain; Our Universe has calipers the main one is hydrogen, Hydrogen is the second most abundant particle in the Universe. Hydrogen has alpha signal that can change the outcome to the variance. When we are traveling in space we must have on board elements that the Universe can recognize. The main reason is it will defy you and your travel expense. The space conglomerate expects to know all that is accelerating in space. You can not travel in our solar system and not be confronted with a gas giant, they rule when it comes to travel, and demand the respect to the variance. If you get too close with hydrogen in abundance the gas giant can catapult your craft. Typically a small tug is better than a catapult in disdain. Hydrogen wants to escape within the confines and that's in merit, but as a fuel in space it is a bad idea. Hydrogen must be chambered. A tank or built into the hull with at least 4 inches all around the chamber. We must make the condition signal on board with exhalation to the Universe, because it is deliberate. Hydrogen has a signal in variance no mater the quantity, large amounts emit the delta to the Universe, The molecular structure itself has the variance , it shows how its turning to the Universe and emits the signal delta alpha to the conglomerate. In other words the hydrogen on board can communicate its variance to space. The Universe is vast and small amounts are signal deficient. The contrary to hydrogen fusion. The amounts vary depending on the size of the vessel and what the variance is doing. If hydrogen is the variance for space travel the space can stop you if this is your main source of fuel you are doomed. Space can hold you there for indefinite time of space. The universe decides to use the hydrogen you are carrying and it will produce a delta to follow. You are no longer in charge of your craft. You move when the conglomerate allows. The collegiate reason is because it is the variance in space and has delta to the Universe. Particles behave to the Universe not man. When on Earth hydrogen is the apparent. Space is the template to hydrogen in variance to delta or movement in space particle infractions that carry nuclear fusion. The term is when the Nuclear has congealed with the particle. This delta moves mountains, and in space moves particle infractions to where the Universe wants. Hydrogen is very powerful but lacks the fortitude for man to capitalize on the delta it produces. 78122381.4

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