Hydrogen The Culvert

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 3:29 PM

The duplex; Hydrogen has the duplex it converts energy, it allows for the deception, and converts energy to plasma. Hydrogen is everywhere but acts like its not doing anything. It culverts space craft. It drives down. The bottom of the spatial margin is dangerous, This distance 45.5 million miles below the Earth is a calibration to avoid asteroids and comets. Rocks fall down, This is where they end up, hydrogen weighs them down. It culverts the rock, if the rock is made of steel it will want to congeal the rock, It will push it along as if guiding the culvert execution. Large amounts of Hydrogen are noticed in space by the Universe immediately. The conglomerate of space is nitrogen unfounded, but establishes a quarry of disdain fallen rock in areas that are of zero consequence. The hydrogen is then directed to delta the insignificant down. The compliance is remarkable Hydrogen is willful in that hydrogen can convert energy to plasma for the Sun. In space travel this is a very important point, hydrogen can collapse in space, completely stop. If engineered for hydrogen the malfunctions will be many and unrecoverable. The duplex of hydrogen changes to dissident inflection when traveling, the nuclear infractions can maintain momentum until they have no value to the Universe. The energy then can be changed into plasma. Hydrogen can travel vast distances and columbine atmospheres in life secursions for the Universe. Planets are the columbine for the Universe, the more hydrogen the more planets can be created. Hydrogen is the foremost avanguard for water in the Universe. Planets with water become the control yoke of that solar system. Hydrogen can multiply the density of water in compliance to the density its in. Hydrogen prefers high density, rather low density. Nitrogen prefers low density rather than high. Thus the conglomerate of space NITROGEN. 440022381.4

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