Identify Yourself while in Space

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, October 28, 2019 7:38 PM

Space Law Tropical; Lighting on the Star Craft has systems. The indication of lights on a space craft is the warning light, The majority of space crafts all have lighting. The Class 5 Star Craft USES THE METHANE HYDRATE TO ILLUMINATE THE FUEL EXPENSE. The fact that methane glows at different vacuum pressures allows the craft to sport 3 lights , they are centrifugal in nature. As long as the fuel is 2.18 under vacuum the glass will emits a blue glow. These lights are under vacuum and no other power is required. The centrifugal delude of the molecular structure in delta creates the glow. Larger lenses can create brighter lights. The glass that's under carriage is a special glass with compounds that strengthen the glass. The beryllium as compound delta built into the glass. It signifies real intelligence. The conference in delta is not from Earth, this barrier width is a manifest to all space travelers, We are from Earth we have 3 lights and our fuel is methane hydrate, That's what it means to others traveling in space annuls. The complex algorithm is cooperated algorithm. Its like if you are stranded on an island you write S.O.S , Everybody that knows is in cooperation with the space Annuls. Your lighting is your designation, contact is not an option. You may see others out there that are not from Earth. Their lighting tells where they are from and the fuel they use. Its a coordination in space annuls to identify your species in the lighting you sport on your craft. The amount of glass that is installed can tell you millions of miles have been traveled to visit the Earth, or any other part of the vast Universe. The crafts will be immediately identified by other species in our galaxy. They will know you are from Earth and are at the beginning of space Annuls in description. The algorithm has symmetry with other planets in life and conjoins in common sense without contact. Space Law Tropical 404180. Forty forty-one eighty.

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