Inductive Energy

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, June 21, 2019 12:09 AM

Congluant disdain; Space is congluant, it allows compounds to stick together. Space will allow you to stick to it. Congluancy has definite properties. We can not travel in space without some basic facts to be known. The first fact is space will divide you. This fact is all the way down to the smallest molecule or atom. Density will capitulate the fulcrum. The advance is you. If you can master the material involved to travel in space you are OVER the density. The only way to be over the density of space is to be in force of the space. Space has induction variables. You must be over the induction variables. The energy must be vibrate in the induction. It must have an induction factor. The energy is lopsided to the gravity. The field created must be visceral. It must be deflective and at the same time a resonance. The power must have properties that have congluancy. It must be divine in nature. The energy must have the properties that create lift. The magnetic field must be the opposite of gravity deflection. It must be a fossil fuel. Hydrocarbons as a deflective will burn in space. The fuel expense is great and costly. There is no congluancy with hydro carbonic fuels. Space will divide the structure and extinguish the carbon affluent delta. Space will not only divide the molecular structure in the fuel tanks, but will convulse the containment. Fossil fuels are not abrupt under vacuum. The engineering must have zero burn affect. The space propulsion must be split and charged to contain the vacuum. The energy must emit not convulse. Space will destroy all convulsions from space crafts. The congluant disdain must be in overture to the space around the craft. The energy must be EXO SKELITON. The field of energy must be affluent delta in concourse. The energy must envelope the craft on the outside and compounding in space not in a chamber. The energy must have yield properties. The atmosphere must be consistent to drop gravity deflection to lift up. The higher drop cognitive delta the easier it is to lift from any celestial body. The resistance must have a factor greater than the space delta at 12,800 lbs. The resistance is alpha at these pressures against gravity. The energy must be so it is at interface delta to induct. 12417181.2 over the space congluant alpha 12817141.2.

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