Inductive Power

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, June 21, 2019 8:42 PM

Inductive Power; This is the last vescue of power man can make, We figured out how electricity works and we have Tesla to thank for that. The next step is induction. Its the barrier width of the planet and was briefly discussed in Tesla's work but not explained as we do today in this Blog. Induction is a forced discharge with a catapult to the stars. Inductive power has two sides. Inductive and conductive. The inductive part of the energy must be harnessed. It must go to the grid it is really no different than the A/C we use today only the sign wave is stronger. Corporate America languishes the 4.18 in sign wave dysteria. Induction has a sign wave of 9.418. It requires a larger wire to accommodate the power. It also can travel further than conventional systems. The sign wave is catapult to 1,891 miles. In other words we can run the power to other states from adjoining states or countries. The conductive portion is the by-product of the inductive power. The by-product is energy. There is NO burn ,the fuel is split rather than burned and under vacuum. The inductive Linear Accelerator is responsible for the power production. Split the fuel in a chamber under vacuum and the molecule takes on a charge. This charge is built up and catapults to the lithium capacitor and releases to the grid automatically every 4 minutes. We would like to hold it longer ,but impossible in the drop gravity inflection we have on Earth. It wants to release. The fossil fuel we have for this exchange is Methane Hydrate Crystalline under vacuum. Other wise known as fire ice. This H4 Molecule is perfect for the power production. It splits to an H2 and when mixed with oxygen at discharge you have a water molecule in resistance. These particles are resilient in the atmosphere. They help in the strengthen of the magnetosphere and that is where they join. This is known as congluancy. The particles are resilient in that they encumber the atmosphere. They build scaffolds in the sky. With this byproduct we can close the ozone layer bit by bit. The congluancy for the Earth is 12812238144.2 in addition to the magnetosphere at 128177381.2. The wise move to split the fossil fuel will help the planet, because it joins the magnetosphere in energy rather than a C02 gas emission that is burned. If the charge is just as good in the induction than the burn is obsolete.

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