Interface Energy

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, March 28, 2020 3:02 PM

Interface detach; What exactly is the brain experiencing when in interface with inductive power? We have designed a method of energy exposure that can be interfaced with, its main constitute is to rise like a column of energy that stays with the craft. Once released it will go to ground, the grounding plates are the induction plates in the rear of the craft. This contact creates a forward motion, the energy then returns to column and the interface is in constitute once again. The energy has a deflective nature, therefore the operator can feel the energy being produced just by being in approximation to the field of induction. This makes an interface with the energy that the craft can react to. The Class 5 are driven with interface technology. The brain will envelope the energy in the approximation detail to the alt delineator. There is no pain there is just a sense that what the operator does affect the craft in its motion. To engage in the column is not done, The operator only touches the alt delineator in front at the helm. It is the steering aperture in detail at 13.181 7 over in delineation to the residential plane you are covering. 13 degrees is the reaction to the touch. The brain has the ability to absorb any induction and can deflect the detail back, This resonance is the hyper advance in the deflective nature for nuclear particulates that are emerging the ship from space at all times, we must be able to deflect these particles at all times. The interface protects the operator from harmful particles that can permeate the craft. Nuclear, chemical or anti-matter particles are also in the drive deflection. The human body has the ability to deflect particles and an interface is the most logical, Energy that is in close proximity to the operator is best because its value is stronger in the density of space. The technology is already there, its your own brain. The deflect detail 77281.2 over delta prox. alpha signal in constitute alpha wave 22781.4 complex detail at 4100 and above. The resonance takes a turn to 8100 very quickly through the induction plate when the base energy is at 4100 is the apparent, The smaller the molecular the structure the more acute the interface. The response deflection goes up. The sectional detach from 4100 to 8100 is easier to absorb for the human body and all will be deflected no mater the space in converse or its chemicals. The resonance on the Earth is the same in the interface detail. Its at 4100 emitting from the resonance driver assembly that is anchored to the Earth. This field of energy is the same as the column on board, The only difference is one is anchored to the Earth and the craft is mobile interface delta. The out come is same protection from particles but on Earth the cells are convoluted due to gravity. To remove Nuclear particulates on Earth from the body in interface index is 32 seconds. The craft is immediate while on board. This leads to way of curing diseases that are convoluted in the body that can fight infections, cancer and many constitute alpha diseases. The Energy will not allow any disease or particle infraction to interfere with the body the interaction can be days or months but assured protection is strongly adhere . 77481.2 The technology is vital to human solidarity and sustainability.

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