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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, April 5, 2020 2:41 PM

Delta Drag; The space craft in delta has drag, the molecular structure is delta drag, space has 2 very common elements, nitrogen and hydrogen, these 2 components can either slow you down or speed you up. On the Class7 they are detailed to convulse space entropy. The resilience is a combination of high power that condition the space around the ship. This resilience is the Car-noc DELTA OF THE ENERGY. Its the same energy that can be interfaced with. When energy of a negative ion displacement becomes Car noc it allows human being to interface with the energy. The same delta energy to move the ship is the same energy that can be interfaced. When in the interface of human beings, the energy is sublime, it not only conditions the space around the ship, but allows the operators to control the energy inductively. There is no direct contact with the energy, but in the index of the energy will collaborate the detail. This energy is a protective measure for the captain and his crew. When the inductive power in space is affluent it creates delta drag. The same condition can be re-created on Earth for a similar protection. The delta drag is the simulation of energy that can be interfaced with. Again not a direct contact but a close proximity to the energy will protect the people from harmful particulates. Nuclear particles are a common in space and the energy to repel them are a must in space no matter where you go. On the Earth they deflect at intervals of time and space. For example in the face of inductive power nuclear particles can not stay in the body on Earth. They will be directed out with in 32 seconds. The body under interface delta has the ability to displace the particles before they become harmful. 78133481.2. The delta drag also can imply that since it can repel these particles it can also repel despondency in the body. There is one guaranty in the interface of inductive power the operators will never get Cancer. This protection with energy has detail on Earth as well, it stops the despondency immediately, no matter the particulate or disease. The main reason is the cells in the body are turning in-vitro at the same time, its the human experience to delta in space or Earth confluence. If all the cells are turning at the same rate no particulate or despondency can stay in. The confluence is Delta Drag. Convection in-vitro analysis, space deltas and confluence in atmospheres are important to know. The human body can survive in any atmosphere when in the interface of inductive power as the confluence. The energy must be confine in the delta of the energy, but will allow a high degree of protection.

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Edward on Sunday, April 5, 2020 7:08 PM


EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, April 5, 2020 7:25 PM

Frequency in Delta; The affirmation of the car-noc delta has divine attributes, its collegiate and dissevers allocation in distribution, the frequency is Delta 128144781.2 its a collaboration of molecular structure that has been compounded at 4100 Delta T converse alpha signals. The converse has frequency in space and on Earth. Its the delta for resonance. When the energy is compounded its frequency changes, the higher the compound the more resilience. Methane Hydrate is one of only a few fuels that can be compounded, and you may find it in a gas, or a liquid form on many planets. Its a logical fuel for space travel in space, easy to extract and can be columbine to reserves for colony exploration as the main fuel for the power producer.

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