Jupiter Makes Gravity Too

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, June 15, 2020 2:24 PM

Graviton Forces; Gravitons are particles made by gas giants like Jupiter, they columbine the gravity in these gas giants and recondition the graviton for disbursement. Its the planet that conditions the gravity we have here in our solar system. Gravitons are made up of 2 electrons and 2 positrons with a graviton matrix. Its the matrix that carries through out our Universe. Jupiter type planets have one job create gravitons. Gravity is all around us and all over space from the distribution of the graviton matrix from Jupiter type planets for billions of years. The particle has consequence, When the Universe calls for gravity to insurrect a planet like Earth its the graviton that shows up. The convulsion from the Universe is to establish life, its main objective and to convulse in delta down gravity insurrection. Now all things on that planet fall down. the density is convulsed and the vacuum of space is subdued. This allows for life to get started and the graviton is responsible for the insurrection. The Universe is creating the delta down gravity we have on Earth. Space time is a term we use for time in space, The conglomerate of space time will move you and keep you moving, and dictates the volume of Time. Graviton forces can change that time, Earth Time is different than space time. All things fall down in delta down, therefore time dilates the incumbency, and the Universe holds the delta for us. The Universe has ways of creating more gravity in our Universe, create more Jupiter type planets for a delta down insurrection for life. Every thing has a purpose, these planets are not there for view, but to propagate the Universe in life disdain. The gravitational forces are coming from the Universe, but the particles are coming from Jupiter type planets. The Universe must have the graviton to convulse a delta down. Otherwise no life as we know it. Delta down condition 78122381.4 over space density alpha signal conglomerate 228844781.2

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