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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, August 4, 2019 12:23 PM

Safety armaments; The Class 5 Star Craft has the armaments to delta the life support details, It starts with an algorithm that shows its best to have a bottle in containment of oxygen. This bottle will last for several years in confine delta. Its manual exchange attributes allows the Lear to dial in the correct alpha sequence for distribution of the oxygen molecule. The bottle is timed in, and distributes the oxygen every 14 minutes in a short spurt of oxygen with in the confines of the craft. The molecular structure needs no special needs to accommodate the Lear and his crew. You are able to breath in the confines without a helmet. The oxygen is dispersed manually only, the Lear can engage the oxygen as if required time aperture involvement. He can also distribute more or less in confine at certain intervals. Having the manual aspect of oxygen the Lear can control his metabolic rate. If more oxygen is needed he can adjust up and the same if his metabolic rate is low, he delivers an extra burst into the confines when the Lear finds himself at odds with the tracking of his metabolic rate. Hallucinating is a lack of oxygen. Sore or stiff muscles are a confine delta and he should decrease the oxygen level. There are other safety armaments to adjust for that. When traveling in space the safety armaments work best when they can be manually adjusted. Oxygen in confine is especially important. The human brain has receptors for oxygen and the confines can use the armaments. The crew is breathing normally and the distribution is closet deterioration of the oxygen. Once the Lear has breathed in the oxygen the exchange is Co2, The confines change and the example may change depending on how the crew feels. Co2 build up will relinquish the oxygen particles, in confine delta. Therefore a delivery of oxygen is vital in confine delta aspiration. We can not rely on automatic distribution for oxygen. Co2 is virulent in space, therefore clings to the oxygen molecule like big brother, but can take its toll if not replenished with fresh oxygen. These two molecules follow the same delta in confine delta aspirations. When the Lear overloads oxygen the Co2 can be eliminated and the sequence starts over again. This evaporated sequence is confine delta only. It is not required in Earths atmosphere. Co2 dispenses in the skin and is absorbed in vitro. The brain can recognize to much Co2 and the Lear must know the attributes of oxygen in delta before traveling in space. Shortness of breath and coagulated skin cells will developed if not recognized. The skin can turn blue and the suffrage can be depilating. Oxygen in disparity alpha sequence 128122481.4

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