Know Your Chemicals in Space

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 8:47 PM

Alpha Central Calliope; The A/I is programmed to disdain the particle infractions. The signals are music to my ears. The A/I can create the signals to disdain as long as it matches the variance in sound. The trumpet sound would not work for phosphorus. The computer recognizes the signal in sound variance and duplicates the variance and records the indifference. It can be programmed to identify any sound or signal in chemical analysis. Sound is the next best thing to the actual chemical or disdain. Its readily available and can transmit to the centrifuge in detail and cancel properties in space. Once we understand how sound is the variance for different chemicals we can use them to our advancement in space travel. There is calliope for Earth Chemicals too, but lacks the density required to change the particle to indifference. Sulfur sounds like a whistle with a tail, but can change the calliope in space to faster travel times through sulfur calliope vectors. Primarily near Venus. The craft is a traveling laboratory and can mimic any chemical, for the reason to disdain. You must disdain space to be over it. Induction can clarify the identity in the A/I expressions. The library is a sound library not just words or information but with sound for variance in space Altas. Hydrogen can whistle and climb to a squeal. Nitrogen is silent. Its the one we cant see either. Its there but the Class 5 Star Craft can identify the calliope with sound, information, known algorithms and the most important to survive in space for any distance we must be equipped to take on the molecular deluge in alpha central library. To disdain Nuclear Particles can be a game changer and be able to survive for longer distances and life in space if needed. The inclusion of alpha central for the A/I gives us vast knowledge in space where we can not identify the calliope we are accelerating in. Vectors are established and the understanding of space molecular conglomerate can be the alpha in all our travels through out the Universe.

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