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EA Martinez MLDon Tuesday, August 20, 2019 12:42 PM

Main Centrifuge; The Star craft boasts a centrifuge delta in the under carriage of the craft. The disdain attribute is designed to collaborate the Belt Pressure. It is built into the hull of the craft. The centrifuge delta opernation valve is on center. Its 2.18 in diameter, its design is to build pressure in-vitro. Its calibrated to build to 4100 psi in delta vectors at density 2.0 -to 3.18 and up to 8100 psi. for density deliberate at 2.18 vescue pressure. The 4100 belt pressure is the calibration for most voyages, but on occasion the belt pressure can be built to 8100 psi, for common disdain with the outline space collaboration. Human tolerance in belt pressure is no more than 8100 psi clavicle disdain. The compound nature of space is 8100 in most sectors in our solar system, but 4100 is comfortable in languish delta for long periods of time. 4100 matches the base pressure of the Earth and confine delta is controlled at that pressure. When you leave the abernath delta of the Earth or its conditional variance on the human body you must build the belt pressure to 8100 this matches the base pressure of the Universe in the galactic margin of space. This is where planets are formed and density can increase out side the galactic margin. The craft will top out at 8100 psi and density recoil is inert delta to the craft. The craft must match the conglomerate of space or the craft can deform. The hull is strong enough at 4 inches in thickness but the belt pressure insures the clavicle disdain on the craft exterior. The base pressure on earth in disdain is 14.8 psi. For every inch of your body there is 14.8 psi exerted to the body, its what keeps you together on the Earth, consequently you must do the same in space. However the pressure changes to the delta of the planet you come from. The minimum for human expel delta is 4100 psi beyond the orbital margin. Time release is 1 billion 481 million miles from Earth, This is where its critical that the belt pressure is set at 8100, there are other circumstances with in the space time line, like near gas giants that you must have clavicle disdain at 8100 psi. The main reason is the Gas Giants can steal your gases produced in-vitro. 8100 PSI IS THE DISDAIN FOR THE GAS GIANTS it must be balanced there or clavicle disdain is forfeited. The craft has opening to the dysteria of space its how the energy flows around the craft and if the craft can produce vacuum pressures in-vitro the craft is vulnerable to outside influences. The credence is for human dysteria only and designed to balance the centrifuge delta in acceleration attributes. Its value concludes the variance around Gas Giants and densities in our solar system. 410022381.2 and 12812244781.4 over delta abernath of the Universe.

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