Lights in Space

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 2, 2019 8:26 PM

Concept Blue; The Star Craft relies on the blue laser to help in identifying a corporal alpha exchange, your blue laser is mounted at the mid ship region, Its fully focused and can be manipulated at the helm. It too is set at 41 degrees but can be rotated to show your inversion field. Its an important detail when traveling in space sectors unknown to man. The information that can be derived is the inversion field you operate with is fuel mix and allows for liner cohesion. They will want to know that your craft is nuclear free. Nuclear crafts are not a calliope they want in their sector of space. If you operate with Nuclear fission alpha sequence they will stop you for the technology. They may board your craft and eliminate all the evidence including you. The blue will enhance your inversion field and condition the craft as inductive rather than impulsive. The only people that can stand such high radiation are people with internal vescue at 4.18 over. They will radiate you and confiscate your craft. Induction is allowed with some nuclear repulse but never full Nuclear Fusion. Your reactor will be examined. If it exceeds 7.18 in size they will board your craft. If human ever found a way to operate with Nuclear Fusion without dying in space from the exposure the next hurdle would be people that have internal vescue at 4.18 and travel with limited protection. They exist in certain sectors and are known as the Greys. They are the abductors and can disdain you in space. If you operate under a different cohesion like induction they will not be interested in your technology. They will expect you to know the space annuls before you lift off. The coordination is the refuge in delta and there is a learning curve that is compromise in delta. The Blue concept in delta will reveal your propulsion system and your fuel lights will identify your fuel. If they know all is better than conceal in delta this only builds to climax delta with them. Clear identity about your craft and your race is of the most important, leave nothing to question tell the story with all your assets and convey them over. You are a space traveler like them and your borage will convince them you do not war but only knowledge about space and the molecular count for space annuls. Your blue is important to the identity of your inversion field, but also that you are keen to space annuls. You are seeking faster propulsions too and the induction phase is the experiment you are on. Blue dot, followed by a steady beam at 41 degrees and rotate the beam to include your fuel expense. They will then inspect your undercarriage in detail with 3 light system only. Leave nothing to question you are a beginner. 410022381.2 Space Law ALPHA SIGNAL BLUE.EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 2, 2019 8:26 PM

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