Linear Acceleration for Space

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, August 25, 2019 2:58 PM

Broad base Fulcrum; The linear accelerator has the differential in the delta created on board. These molecules are traveling at millions of miles per hour. The 32 ft. track is all that is needed to accelerate. The highly packed configuration is delta at a new level. We do not need 8 miles of track to create enough energy to lift the craft. These long propulsions are for study and have their place in science. The Large Hadron Collider is the example. The Star Craft is the constant in the technology. Smaller accelerators are for power, and the large are for study. The large Hadron Collider can move protons to speeds that klamath other particles in-vescue. This can create simulations of the big Bang and other theories. The small amount of test material is not enough to power cities. However if the Large Hadron Collider were to come on line it could power all of Europe. We have taken a power source and down sized the attributes to collide and create power influx rather than despondency. The faster we can compound the fossil fuel the faster the resilience can build up. The higher the resilience the higher the speed in induction. Now the craft is the molecule in the Universe. We can steer it anywhere, and explore. By moving molecules very fast and in tight conditions the power created becomes a wave and signal for the Universe. The dysteria obeys the klamath in-vitro. Oxygen molecules are the deterrent. The craft is direct revolution to oxygen. It cybers the hydrogen and columbines the nitrogen, This preastoric resilience is what made the planets to begin with. Its the same delta that we are familiar with. It has energy properties that allow for lift and levity. In space the craft can move forward. There is no Reverse. Large U-Turns are easily done at 13 degree delineations. The columbine is delta at new levels. It has a scale to larger ships and configurations that meet the environment alphas. Two Linear Accelerators can move at speeds that top out induction variance. The Induction variance for human is 281,000 fpm. We can not travel more than this figure. Space will delineate the craft if moved faster. Density distorts and the klamath in the fulcrum will simply deteriorate in space. We can move at the speed of sound in space but never at light speed. Induction is the only way to move at the speed of sound in space. The minimum is 13,481 fpm. The fastest is 281,000 fpm. The Star Craft has design attributes at 48,381 fpm. The Broad base fulcrum is Delta T minus alpha coagulant disdain. These are molecules traveling faster than the environment can sustain, the fulcrum is the result and lift is the passing. Or OVER.

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