Low Tech Communication

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 7:56 PM

Teledyne Delix; The Teledyne is the communication between the craft and Control Center in real time variance. The delix is the wavelength, and the circumference is everywhere in the Universe. In other words we have calculated a sound variance for all of our algorithms and are transmitted over a blazewidth from the craft to transponders on the Earth. They come in a form of a number. The number is sequenced in the computer and translated into words as we communicate, delay vectors can be 20 second delay up to 2.199 minutes from Mars. Each number has a sound variance different than any other sound. The numbered key board has no letters the numbers are 1 to 0 like a conventional key board. The sound is a variance in the technology that is mounted on the top of the craft. The distance is established and the variable has collegiate understanding of each sound and its definition. The proprietary engineering is available on the Earth. This radon inflection is alpha in signaling and therefore collapses all known incumbencies. 781 may be a squeal and with a Wisk tail sound. Every number has acquest sound variance and is a rudimentary form of communication in space but its what we can do to stay in contact no matter the distance. Its our WOW SIGNAL. Teledyne Delix is standard on all class 5 and above space craft. The system has default and the Control Delta on Earth will know its an inductive craft from Earth. This is the only communication available to us today, and can be a SOS or basic communication with Earth Counter. Teledyne Delix 4488281.2 Radio frequency is delta 14281.4, Radio infraction is delta everywhere. The small amount of Uranium is in vescue and under vacuum 4.189281 . Signal impulse is connected to the key aperture on board. The sound variance does not change in sound no matter the distance.

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