Magnetism is the Voltage

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 7:54 PM

The calliope wale; The energy convulses as the craft descends to the ground. The sound is a wale in dartmouth alpha sequence. The craft has made a determination to land. It will slow at the 12.8 ft mark but continues to drop at 2.18 miles per hour. . Its at its highest resistance to the Earth. The calliope has a sound and can be heard at 12 ft. or closer. The earmark at 12.18 inches and is as far as the craft will convene the energy of the Earth. It will levitate indefinitely or until it runs out of fuel. The Lear at this point will exit the Star Craft through the vacuum sealed barrel hatch. Nothing is turned off. The craft is ready for the next mission immediately. When the energy is at rest the craft will convalesces, Their should be no spin. The convex is the deltoid in Earths atmosphere. The energy is displaced and the Earth absorbs the recoil in the convalescent state. The umbrella discharge of the induction pad maintains the balance of the craft at rest. The Lear will walk around the craft and observe the conical disdain to the hull. He also will drag his foot near the bottom of the craft for reaction in subdued. The craft should not be touched without metal gloves. These are steel fabricators in the maintenance of the craft detail. The copeable advance should be measured. The energy is in transverse alpha sequence at rest. The energy can be observed above the hull and should be 1.5819 inches away from the hull all the way around. These are visual inspections. Light sequence is calibrated at 42187 lumens. The convex is always ready. DNA re-entry is required to re enter the craft. The security measure is to prevent all un- trained personal from inducting the craft The technology starts with the DNA of the Lear. He must lick his finger and touch the pad mounted at the barrel hatch opening. This will release the vacuum and the hatch will unlock. The belt pressure is convex at rest at 4100 psi. The belt pressure is released simultaneously. The Lear must be the only inductee allowed to clean the interior. He is also responsible in all the aspects of the craft energy deltas. 128122481.2.

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