Make it Rain

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 8, 2019 6:00 PM

Water on Venus?; The parabolic pressure for water is too high right now. How does man help Venus with water? The previous blogs describes a way to have the parabolic dimension and the Para flex disdain meet in the atmosphere with chemicals that would columbine the oxygen to the CO2, Once the oxygen was free the two elevations meet with the columbine, 1241 and 2200 ft above the surface must meet in the conjecture of the algorithm. The mix must take place and a higher gravity influx be increased by the Universe. Jupiter takes its orders from the Universe. Venus is not yet parabolic, therefore its inflection must come from the Universe. The Universe sets a series of instructions to Jupiter, in the form of chemical signals to release the graviton to Venus too. When this happens the Earth is the control yoke for water in our solar system it will deluge alpha hydrogen back into space towards Venus. This back and forth has been going on for eons at this point, and the congealed is ready for chemical exchange. Venus sends its toxic chemicals to Earth and we receive them because our parabolic has already been met. If we can change the atmosphere of Venus it will send more fitting chemicals our way instead of its Altas that can make us sick. The Earth analyzes the chemical reaction in its atmosphere and consequently at 47,381 ft above the Earth, and decides to engulf or deflect. Most of these harsh chemicals are coming from Venus. Helium thwarts some of it but most get in. To install an inductive aperture on Venus for induction one would require a self contained vessel like the Star craft and simply left there to deluge the planet from the surface. The craft could convalescent there for 30 years with a full tank. The logistics would be difficult but feasible. Two craft enter the atmosphere and one picks up the Lear of the first craft in the atmosphere and the first craft moguls down to the surface on its own without induction and settles in an open area. The craft will delineate over time but the induction is critical to the planets ability to receive water. Contrary to popular belief water does not come from comets or asteroids it comes in the way of chemical distribution from our Gas Giants and the convex determination of the planet and Universe. Once the pattern of deluge is understood the solar system takes over, and the planet Venus is on its way to being another Earth like planet in our solar system. The chemical analysis in distribution we will see is from our own solar system and the neural hydrogen will make it there from our gas giants. Jupiter will increase its deluge of gravity inflection and the Earth will send alpha particles like oxygen and hydrogen to Venus in the complex corridor. If this can be done most of the water will be made by Venus alone in convex with the Universe. Venus will also stop its alta intimidation to the Earth. 44002811440.9.

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