Mass and the Traveler

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, August 2, 2020 1:07 AM

Mass and the Traveler; What is Mass? The mass is equal to the fortitude in section dysteria or empty space. Mass is accumulated, it has direction, it values life. Space itself is mass. The algorithm for mass is as follows, the chloride in supplemental extensions in micron values are the coagulant for the mass. They can abrupt, and condition the variance in the sculpture. If the Universe decides to decorate it uses mass. It is the un forgone conclusion. Mass on the Earth is the substance it took to make the Earth. The deltas are driven by mass. The mass conditions the atmosphere. The oceans are the byproduct. Mass has Gentry at levels above the Earth, Where you find mass in space is up and never down. The mass is congealed, the lower areas are conditioned to be flagrant. Areas of mass extensions are a columbine to the inductive craft. Mass generates a product in the confines of the delta. This is where oxygen is made. The Universe has values in the mass creation, it intensifies the delta to produce more mass. In doing so its flagrant and can slow the craft. On the other hand in the areas of space where mass is created the craft can move faster. This acceleration in speed comes from the mass esteria in the fulcrum of the calvine matrix of the Universe. Mass is bombarded in these areas, the columbine is the combination of chemicals, delta delivery, and the gravity assist of the graviton matrix. The graviton is the in value its the make-up of the mass being created. Universal conditions are of study today but lack the fundamental elements of space delta to explain how mass is created. These collisions are violent in the vacuum of space, they undergo great pressures from the Universe. It convulses the dysteria of space, the sublime part, and conditioned to collide in retro spec alpha signals 228811481.2 . This can go in many ways, more hydrogen and the making of a planet, more nitrogen and the Sun could be the outcome, Mass is calculating. Jupiter type planets are congealed, mass first and billions of years of collection of mass is how the graviton is made. The building of mass has parameters, it can only go in one direction once started, if the outcome becomes paroless the mass is void of the electron barrier within the mass credential. Conglomerate Space alpha disdain virtue 57812381.4

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