Medical Induction

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 11:11 AM

Cognitive Brain; The human brain is designed to extrapolate certain energies. The first is hydrogen, it commands respect. Hydrogen is in confines. So is gravity. Nitrogen is everywhere in the Universe it is space itself. The most obvious is in our own atmosphere nitrogen makes up 71.1428 in confine delta to the Earth. That means that space is roughly the same composition as the Earth calculus in spectrum analysis. The only difference is space has not compounded the nitrogen yet and it will not until the Earth makes contact with the conglomerate of space, NITROGEN. This compound delta for nitrogen is 8100. It must be split 8100 times before we can absorb the nitrogen as the healing affect of our atmosphere. The compound in space is nitrogen alpha segate 810022381.2. The brain recognizes the compound delta of the human body. Space does not. The alpha nitrogen comes in contact with the Earth first, and compounds the delta to infraction. The brain knows this energy in confine. This technology recognizes the cognitive aspect of the innovation and delivers the deflections. These compounds end up as molecules that can permeate the human body. The convex delta of induction that uses a fossil fuel warrants the molecular upheaval of the structure in the body. It accelerates all the cells in the body disease or not. The convex delta of the energy is expansive in the brain. It tells all the cells to turn in the right direction. Cancer does not stand a chance with induction at index. It will eliminate all nuclear particles in the human body in 32 seconds. Including Chemo. High exposure to the nuclear industry. We do not have to die by being exposed, the inductive energy we propose is alpha state induction and will eliminate the exposure. Nuclear personal can return back to work and close in the exposure or accident for the long term. The brain is cognitive of this energy, it displaces the delta and the confines become the body in index and certain diseases can be controlled and ultimately save the land, and the people exposed to Nuclear waste. A Lear will never get cancer no matter of the heredity. Cancer can not live in a body subject to Induction. Without an energy force for the body we will continue to degrade in human anthropology. 774488281.2.

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