Methane Hydrate Levity

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, July 22, 2019 7:18 PM

Mark 341; The Earth has a dissention marker or demetri at 341 ft. above the Earth. The craft has clearance to drop alpha segate to the 341. The columbine for the Earth is delta at this elevation the compounds are moving extremely fast in our atmosphere. They often dictate the weather patterns in cyclones. Converse Doppler at 1241.2 and relate the converse. This craft reacts to this determination. As the craft is dropping at 3 miles per hour this elevation will give pause, The 3 second slow down is that pause. The craft can levitate here for just a few seconds and it will spin to the right. Fuel expense can be checked here. The higher fuel content the less spin. The reason is because the fuel itself has levity. Methane Hydrate can be found on other planets in our solar system and can be identified as Methane Hydrate because of its capability to extend over surface areas without touching. This fossil fuel is ideal for fueling space craft. Its been found in many parts of the Earth and is most affective when spilt, rather than burned. This elevation is the quintessential area for testing Methane Hydrate. The fuel acts like a polymer in delta. The fuel molecules at this elevation spin faster in vescue of the fuel tank. The tank is under vacuum at 2.18 over and does not change much, but the molecules react here and ultimately move faster. When the craft is doormat to this elevation the spin aperture involvement slows down to a normal rate of 155 million miles per. The convulsion starts at the 341 in dissentions and lift sequences. The transverse calliope can rise to 181 million miles per hour. This is the only elevation that can react to the fuel expense. The converse speeds up within the tank and the calliope is generating a sequence of its own. System dispatch is aware of the fuel expense delta, but can be identified with Doppler conditions at 1241.2. The sequence shows the delta that the Earth is showing and the reaction will be evident with type of technology. Converse alpha 22381.2. Levity displacement with Methane Hydrate 22481.2 at 2.18. vac. Minimum is 1520 Torr.

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