Mixed Messages from Venus

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, September 9, 2019 11:32 PM

Venus Determinations; Venus started out very well it had water and some oxygen but soon overheated. The amount is to be determined in the algorithm but we can tell it was a small amount. Its delivery had impulse from Neptune and from Mercury. Venus was formed late in the solar system, Mercury is older than Venus. It was the formation of asteroids still left over from the great bombardment. The inner solar system was engulfed with asteroids. These sedimentary rocks were formed in the heat of the newly arrival of the Sun. The metal were not in all the asteroids some Coeleste to the inner solar system. The sedimentary rock was the main material available in the forming of Venus and Mercury. The evidence is the amount of the carbon content. Carbon has detail with most metals but when the planet was forming it lost its vitality in the determination. When Venus was formed it wanted to be the next Earth like planet but had alpha signals that were not right to the Sun. It was convex alta and this was not acceptable to the Sun. During the formation of a solar system the Sun is the boss. It calculates its deluge to the planets that are forming. Nuclear inflection is the constant disdain for Venus. Hydrogen became the affluent for Venus. The neural process never started. Instead the Sun cooked off the affluent and the planet started the internal disdain in alpha signaling back to the Sun. This was punishing for the newly formed planet. The sedimentary rock that had coalalest became convex in the demetri of elevation to the Sun. In other words the planet rose to a new elevation to the Sun and it became a lot hotter. Venus at one time was the lowest formed planet in our solar system. When its demetri changed that's when its determination changed from a possible Earth like to a planet in the way of the Suns own determination. The planets are alive and fight in the solar system for supremacy. The composition for Mercury was mostly sulfur and the deluge to Venus started. Venus absorbed mostly sulfur from Mercury and wanted the Sun to delineate the convolution but did nothing. The Sun at the time was in control of most of the solar system but was in conflict with Venus and Mars. The planets own determination is important to the Sun, and the Sun at that time was cohesive and not collidle. The columbine for Venus was with Mercury. Venus inherited all of Mercury's sulfur. The result for Mercury was not good and its determination changed to lower demetri and cooked in the over bake. Venus never recovered and never found its own determination. Its clevis is still in limbo and sits and convulses toxic extreme in a run away CO2 gas , sulfur and acid convulsion for its determinations and tries to complete an atmosphere but gravity has delta and the composition must change first before any assistance from the Sun or the Universe. The Planet lacks oxygen and induction for the graviton. Both Venus and Mars need help from Mankind in Terraform to have the determination they deserve.

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