Moon Base Alpha

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, October 8, 2020 6:24 PM

Moon Base Alpha; To understand the moon it is imperative to understand how it formed. The moon was a planet that crashed into the Earth 4.218 billion years ago. It was a body that had liquid water on the surface. They collided at the Marinas trench area before there was an ocean. The water that was on the planet that crashed into the Earth went subterranean. The bombardment continued for millions of years and suddenly stopped. The conglomerate detected the water source and the planet began to heat up the water that just recently arrived. This created a condensing effect on the Earth, and it began to rain and rain, the oceans were created from this entail engagement of water and atmosphere. This dysteria is a collection of data available today. When the smaller planet crashed into the Earth most of the water stayed back on Earth and the remainder in our orbit became the moon. The dysteria matches the high tides we have here on Earth and how the water is in direction of the Earth and moon. The pulling affect is apparent at full moons tides. This connection between the Earth and Moon is the water that was left behind and never lost its grip on the gravity dispel of the Earth. 128171486.2. The moon would take a turn for the worst calamity, and became the target of a very large planetoid object. This collision was 3.199 billion years ago. It formed the moon we have today in where by the dark side of the moons crust is thicker than the light side of the moon this slow impact took 81000 years to finally form into a sphere we see today. The dysteria that created the moon would have resulted in a moon that had determination and a spin aperture involvement and possibly even water, the moon lost the battle because of the impact. When planets loose their determination in variance with the Universe the Altas of the Universe convey their dysteria on the moons. 128178122381.4. Collegiate disparity in alpha signals are 12817181.2 and the core is alpha 128171481.2 13 ft in diameter Iron Oxide, compressed delta on one side. Collegiate capital damage in determination alpha signal to form like Earth. Secular disdain is high tides. Convent Delta 128171481.4, return alpha signal from the Earth is capital erosion alpha signals to the mountains. This trumpet sound has been heard in many places on the Earth. Calibrate E=mc2. Convert Delta dysteria.

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