Moon Lift 1281

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, July 14, 2019 11:34 AM

1281 Dispatch; The concourse to the Moon begins at the 1281 dispatch area of the sky. Additional checks are made here to accommodate the low dispatch of other sky traffic. The area allows the craft to remain in the 1281 dispatch and hover for many hours if necessary. It is the only area that will accommodate an Inductive Craft without decent. Its like a landing pad in the sky. The induction of the Earth is compliant here, the inductive craft is sublime in the indifference and no further fuel is needed to levitate at this elevation of Earths atmosphere. The amount of time that a craft can remain is from 12 to 14 hours of delta convalescing. The remote possibility is critical for space flight. Delta can be expressed here. The Lear can wave his hand the craft spins to the right, he can down play is hand and the craft will go down. All maneuvers required for space flight can be done here before lift off. This staging area is to confirm all the Star Crafts attributes in space and at the 1281 dispatch area. Converse also includes time dilation sequencing. This is where the Lear and the time aperture involvements are set. He is wearing a Time piece. The theatrics of space are quite simple, He sets his out bound Time. It starts at the orbital margin. Space Time is time in space. Distance is set in time aperture involvements. The Lear can calculate the distance in real time up to the distance of Time dilation. The quadrant will be very popular, the area of space is anywhere at 1 billion 481 million miles away from the Earth. The dilation Time piece starts there. This where the Lear looses his connection to the Earth and is now in Time dilation. He will age differently at this distance than people of the Earth. The set Time Dilation time piece is set there at 14.18 and calculates for 1 hour, for every hour the Lear has aged 14.18 minutes. The balance of humanity has aged for another hour. Distance is critical for space travel, you must know the calculations are correct and accurate to compress the data to NASA dilation control. The Time piece that the Lear wears is one aspect of Time dilation on board but can have a circuit in disdain for the entire mission and reversed engineered for calculation beyond the time dilatation quadrant. 1281 quadrant dispatch calculations review, delta, transform Time dilations, check Earth currents, and detail all power affluent to NASA Control.

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