Moon Preparation

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, July 20, 2019 5:51 PM

Levity has sustained; The complex algorithm has revealed certain deltas that the Star Craft is capable of doing. Its mission was to go to the Moon and reveal the deltas in training. The displacement shows the craft over the ocean at 128122471.2 vectoring south by south west. Georgia coast. The lift sequence begins at alta evaluations in concert with Mission Control. NASA has delivered the question in the embankment. The Lear is ready, The converse is for 33 minutes, At top out speed 48,381 fpm. The glacier advance is spectrum, This is the delta at just before lift off, When viewing the galaxy shield you will see a mountain that looks like a glacier in front of you. The energy is at full power. Do not take off before you see the Glacier Advance. Columbine the delta at the helm and engage the Alt delineator. THE PINCH IS FOR 13 SECONDS AND DON'T LET GO. The craft will accelerate in seconds to the top- out speed, It will lift at 41 degrees, and the delineations do not start until you have cleared the Orbital Margin. Suffix alta at the bridge is capillary at the index of the atmosphere. You must clear this vector alta dissention 1281224488281.2. It starts at 47,381 ft. from the surface and will continue for 38 seconds past the bridge marker. This Alta is the columbine to the Earth and protects the inhabitants of Earth. This upper sequence is important to move through as soon as possible. The main reason is heat, the second is the Earths diphtheria is an alta and should be maintained. The upper atmosphere has the ability to descend any craft in determination. The upper atmosphere is convalescing the Earth and these crafts are not allowed to convalesce there. All systems are on and the craft will break the delta of Earth. The moon will be visual in a few minutes. The converse starts here, the trek is alpha disdain to the Earth, but has the ability to recover the loss of the induction you are providing. Both the Earth and the Moon can feel the induction of the craft. This delta is quadrant alpha segate 2poc-delta. The 2 minutes reveals the quadrant in front you, the delta is simplex delta to the Moon. The alpha is at 41 degrees and does not change, the simplex delta begins at 12812244821.2 and continues around the Moon. At Vector alpha segate 22481.2 the craft begins to straiten out. There are 3 delineations around the moon, the first is at 128122481.2 and the second 128122481.3 follows the first and the third is alpha segate in 28 seconds after the first two. The converse shows the Earth in the galaxy shield with Africa to the right. The converse continues to the delta point at the orbital marginal. You at this point will be entering over Africa, The delineation is at 41 degrees again and will continue to descend the craft in delta at top out. The Suffix alpha of the atmosphere is done quickly and heat loss is minimum. The heat loss is from the Earth not the craft. The vanquish is capillary at 122 degrees at disdain suffix alpha segate. The 1281 comes fast and the craft will descend to this elevation once again. The complex algorithm shows reentry at Florida Coast 128122481.4 2200 miles from the coast in the Atlantic ocean. Skies are clear and the currents are normal.

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