More Than Enough

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 12:10 AM

The Conglomerate; The conglomerate is space, it details your journey. It will allow certain things, its pretensions, Space conglomerate has value in speed adaptation. It congeals and the density becomes wispier. When the density becomes wispy your inductive craft slows down. The slow down is your top-out speed. When space is flagrant you move faster. Inductive power is the only way to communicate with the conglomerate. The planets and the galaxies all communicate with the conglomerate of space, its not just the matter we float in but conquers all who enter. The space conglomerate is secretarial, it can move you along or slow you down to the maximum of your power. When traveling in the conglomerate, one must imagine the course in converse. Its every detail is dealing with space intellect, and what it may do to the craft. For example if the conglomerate of space detects open hydrogen in your craft it may steal it. All the space conglomerate is connected to the variance of the ships ability to cloak from the conglomerate. One molecule over here has an exact duplicate in space fortitude. If you have too much nitrogen and traveling from one calvine to another it may slow your whole trip down to mach speeds, and long enough to examine your cargo. The Gas Giants can do the same thing. They are not the conglomerate but react to density driven by the conglomerate of space. The idea of a conglomerate of space being delta and exactly driven to columbine elements and chemicals is a given in logic determination of the Universe. This communication is with planets ,gas giants ,moons comets and in some cases asteroids. If we are to move in space we must understand the conglomerate of space intellect. Chemical reactions are with the ship, and how it reacts to the open inversion field we produce to move forward in space. Certain chemicals can make your craft move in astounding ways. The conglomerate is hungry for chemicals and elements for the fortitude of Life. Recognizing Space Conglomerate is a bill to inspire 7722381.2. It is the whole purpose to grow with our Universe and help in the creation of our Universe. You must give to the conglomerate or it will shut you down. Our inversion field is one gift, and the chemical reaction to the ship maneuvers is another. This structure is well appreciated and moving to other areas of space with the fortitude of Life is the Conglomerate.

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