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EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 12:35 PM

Methane Hydrates; Methane Hydrates are one of the most abundant energy sources in the solar system, Methane Hydrates on Earth are up at over 7,000 Tcf. The amount is staggering around the world and our own solar system. On the Earth we are interested in Methane hydrates trapped in sand. These are huge deposits below the sea floor. Our innovation requires the methane hydrate to be in core samples drilled into the Sea floor. The innovation behind the extraction methods out there are we use the fuel one molecule at a time. We require the sand samples in core be of higher quality and abundance in our Linear Accelerator and defuse the methane from a pressured tank to a vacuum condition to separate the fuel molecule from the sand samples leaving the sand samples behind in the tank. When we are calling for fuel in the tank the sound in the tank is called 'wax on and wax off '. We can here the sand and glass particles in the tank when in production of Energy. The cryogenic component is also important the fuel can evaporate under static conditions if not frozen. Our Cryo solutions are as the methane hydrate is retrieved from the sea floor we can cryogenically freeze the samples in tanks that we pressurize and freeze in calibration to the converse delta of the atmosphere. Our conditions require at least 80 below c. 40 F ABOVE 0 . The XCL Power Producer extracts the fuel into the system one molecule at a time this allows the operator to catapult the oil molecule to split the methane hydrate to an h2 from an h4. When this happens the fuel molecule takes on a charge this is a power circumference we anticipate a charge in alpha sequencing at delta T4100 in resonance and over 45,000 volts and at 300 amp. in power production. There is no BURN therefore no C02 is of byproduct to the atmosphere when released our H4 is now an H2 in the atmosphere The Earth adds oxygen in the resonance field and the byproduct becomes H2O,

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