Moving Fuel Very Fast

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, May 28, 2020 10:31 PM

Contrast Energy; When we want levity we must expect a force that confines the energy in delta to be persuasive and columbine the delta to move in a way that has conjecture to Earths gravity field. The truth is the energy just has to move, If you can move energy in confine delta you have created a force. With this force mostly any object can be moved. On the space craft designed at Linear Dynamics we cultivate that movement here known as Contrast Energy. Other patents may have distill advance energy circumference, but with contrast energy we control the delta. We can speed it up or slow it down. The variance is the compound delta involved. In contrast lets say the energy is moving at Mach 8 in the craft, the delta adherence is subjective to the levity the craft can perform. The contrast energy is the time in between the lift sequence. The demetri are important to delay lift, you must be able to control the delta. When we engage the interface energy for take off the columbine is already moving at Mach 8, This is a compound delta of 4100, at this rate of impulse we must consider we can move faster. If you induct in bio- inflection the columbine delta increases. Your own bio induction has a rating for lift off. Using Contrast Energy the time it takes to compound the energy is up the bio-inflection you create by the interface. If every time you engage the Alt Delineator you compound more energy. This is a convulsive detach to the energy in force. When this happens the increase catapults the energy at converse time and sequence. The higher the compound the faster the lift sequence. The goal is to compound @ 8100, the contrast energy is a delta that allows the craft to move very quickly in outer space. To move the contrast energy to the critical delta we must first allow the energy through components. The energy is under vacuum and consequently moves faster than at static pressure. The volume of energy that can contrast is in the detail in how the energy is moving through the craft. The higher the spin aperture involvement the more responsive to bio-induction you levy on the energy. To interface the delta is to move energy in sequence to each lift off. 128122471.2. There is no special component to converse the Contrast Energy. The delta in change is you. Induction parameters are alpha sequences. Your Induction capability is stronger than once thought. The scale is 1281618. 4.

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