Multiverse A-Responsive

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, November 25, 2019 8:24 PM

Nuclear Fission; What is Nuclear Fission? Its a combination of nuclear physics and the columbine of coordinated fulcrum. It has an expansion rate of 41223481.2 This rate is not from our Universe. The collective disdain is spin. Not just spin aperture involvement but violently. Corrosive to the density around the object in detail. Conglomerates in Our Universe are likely to congeal and be cohesive ,because Nitrogen ,hydrogen and oxygen are the predecessor of an Universe that is surviving. Nuclear Fission has aspect to be a conglomerate, but not here. This process requires chemicals to be of disarray. The atoms clump together and noting else can be added or subtracted. Nuclear Fission is a abomination to our conglomerate. Nuclear fission can speed up the Universe. Its a delta hard to describe. We have estimated propulsions in that Universe at 50 million miles per hour. The behavior of the fission is complex it has a spin aperture involvement with itself. It generates physical disparity. Our Universe is a fraction of that speed. We are moving very slowly. Universes moving at 50 million miles per hour are condition to move beyond the speed of light. If there is life forms there, they are made of light. Nuclear Fission can not be harnessed, because its not from this Universe. Its disparity is too great. It will kill you no matter the vessel in 13 minutes. Its deadly here. The faction is delayed, columbine is the deterrent, and the velocity is increased 100 fold. Its a principle that man has aspirations of reaching, but the story is bad, and the algorithm is of destruction. Nuclear Fission clumps together so tightly that noting can penetrate the embankment. In our Universe the space craft can move very fast and seem incredible with a Nuclear Fission out-put but with no control of where you go. Post survival. The climax decays. You are left somewhere in deep space and no way to know where you are. The craft would spin uncontrollably. There is no inertia in space but you have no control in the spin aperture involvement. The faster the fission the faster the spin. You are not part of the Universe you are an object. Nuclear Fission is not congluant in this Universe. Its the type of propulsion that has energy in constant motion. The alpha conglomerates in this Universe will treat the Nuclear Fission like an enemy. It will banish this propulsion. Its possible to mix from another Universe and that's where this stems, Man can not create an affirmation from a different Universe. The concept of this type of energy is clavicle, but lacks the control. Its so different that a collapse is enviable.

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