Multiverse Congruent

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 24, 2019 7:49 PM

Dissolvents in parallel; The conditioning of space has its drawbacks, The condition to use dissolvents are conditional and require the delta to except the disdain. The space conglomerate is faction, it delivers the chemical in disdain to where its needed. Space is a delivery system, it starts with comets and other moving celestial bodies. They move with dissolvents. Chemicals are congruent in our Universe. We have planets that can apprehend your cargo of chemicals at vectors to close to the Gas Giants. Space is give and take. We should never pollute space. Nuclear fission attributes are a pollute to the conglomerate. The chemicals that are good for space are phosphorus, sulfur, hydrogen ,nitrogen, oxygen, phosgene, chlorine, and sodium. There are many others not mentioned, but the point is there are chemicals that create disdain that create life and continued verification to the Universe. Some are the Altas, from life Universal disdain but we need both, to sustain. The confluent is the variance, The chemical in the inversion field is the disparity. Space Conglomerate is the detail in density. When we need to soften the density to move faster its allowed by the conglomerate unless its a disparity is known to confuse the conglomerate, like nuclear fission. The atoms are too closely combined and this confuses the conglomerate of space, it likes molecular structure that are cohesive and congealed. It does not know what to do with Nuclear Fission Conglomerate. It has its own wave length, its a parallel to the Universe we live in. It has cause and affect to all travelers, Nuclear fission can disrupt the inversion field. It can also abrupt the spin aperture of Stars and Suns. Its not a common form of propulsion, or a congealed affirmation in our Universe. Nuclear Fission is a separate conglomerate. It does not work well here. Dissolvents are the correct speed affirmation. Anti-Matter is the conglomerate that has adorned our Universe, and is allowed in the induction parallel. Understanding conglomerates will embank certain speeds and congeal the space we travel in. Done properly has advance secursion capability. These are right turns very fast, and moving in catapult regularly. All done with Dissolvents. 21002814478133281.2

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