Multiverse Explained

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, December 8, 2019 9:31 PM

Space intellect alpha dimensions; What is a dimension? Its the Calgary of all the Universes in existences. If we have 4 dimensions we have four Universes. The dimensions is not just a state of being but it is a multiverse in conclusion and contact with our Universe. If You can prove dimension you can prove other Universes. I am positive that there is a Universe that has an abundance of Anti-Matter as the conglomerate, and therefore a separate Universe than ours. The algorithm shows that anti-Matter comes from somewhere else. It is not indigenous to our Universe. It found our Universe 13.8 billion years ago when we started to expand. The Universe that creates matter simply and is a Nuclear Fission Reaction, is a separate Universe as well. The reason these Universe finds us is because we are the conglomerate for nitrogen, and they are not. These Astro plains of Universes can interact with each other and touch each other. The one that has Anti-Matter has a calvine to this Universe and has for billions of years. The Nuclear Fission Reaction Universe is close to our Universe too, but we don't get along. Our Conglomerate is obliterated with this Universe. The results are formation of stars that never stop turning. Magnetar, pulsars and collaboration stars that columbine for the same space. These are fission reactions that were indigenous to this Universe but lack the fortitude to comply to the conglomeration of our space. . They are influenced through time dilatation and the fulcrum of space dimensions. The rock is the dimension and the variance is the calvine, and is recognized as a Universe , in turn creates the alta dimension. The matter we have in our Universe is the signal to other Universes to proceed and interact with our Universe. These other Universes give us 3 dimensions, but what about the forth? Its the value in the inception of all the Universes that can be proved.

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