Multiverse explanations

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 9:09 PM

Delta Conglomerates; Space knows how to create, it convinces the molecular structure to alta its own particle in the indifference. During a making of a star the delta wants to change the conglomerate of space to all hydrogen, The conglomerate has a very complex delivery system. It moves chemicals and elements into deltas that end up in areas of space collaborated for life. The more the Universe expands the more life is created. The hydrogen duplex matrix is a part of space that contains vast quantities of hydrogen. The conglomerate convulses the delta to the newly forming star or planet. The walls of our Universe are density in triplicate and 88 million miles thick, as the Universe expands the convulsions are convulsed at the hydrogen duplex matrix. The vacuum of space allows the hydrogen to bleed through the walls of our Universe. As the Universe is expanding the hydrogen is being pulled in into our dimension. The particle infraction is hydrogen and has a sound variance. The Universe is vast and has a inventory of available hydrogen known as background Radiation. The background radiation is everywhere and logic tells us that the background radiation is on the outside wall of the Universe. We can not see the delta conglomerate but we know its there, expansion allows for the convulsion in delta and this area of space is white and has photon exchange beyond our Universe. Delta conglomerates are also created by other Universes, for example Anti-Matter is not indigenous to our Universe, it is a conglomerate that creates the expansion variance in collidle sound. We have delta conglomerates that can fission react, another Universe where by only fission reactions are occurring continuously. The fission reaction Universe is the one that can catapult from beyond our Universe. These Multiverses are apparent in the physics and calculations in the indifference of delta conglomerates. The fission reactions that we experience create rock. Anti-matter creates the expansion of our Universe and the background radiation is where the hydrogen comes from. 12817141.6.

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