Multiverse Proof

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 7:47 PM

Converse in dimensions; The truth of space travel has questionable aspects, however there is clear evidence that it may be possible to travel through dimensions and end up in the multiverse of choosing, we have 4 total. Induction calls for energy no matter where you are, conglomerations are subject to dysteria of other Universes. There seems to be a strange anomaly in the western hemisphere of the Universe. There are sum 70 stars clumped together and appears to be silent in the detection. 48122781.2 vector indicates that we are being marginalized by another Universe. These stars are packed together so tight that they cannot spin. Where did this anomaly come from? We have to ask if they did not come form here, from where? The suspicion is from an adjoining Universe. These star clusters are not formed here. They originate in an Universe that is in direct line with our Universe. They operate with Fission Reaction. They glow at dimmer intervals than the normal stars indigenous with our Universe. These are stars that have traveled through a calvine from another Universe. The algorithm shows it is possible to travel through to another Universe, coming back may be difficult. Stars have nothing to loose by coming through, they would have died in their own Universe, Speculation that this is a safe Universe to exist in. However if we go through with induction barrier width delta, it may be possible to travel through the barrier width in delta at speeds close to the speed of light without fear of the material craft falling apart. The convex shows that if there is a barrier width then it is possible to travel through. The difficulty is the return, Time is distorted and you may end up in an era that is in the future so far nothing is recognizable. Time dilation is magnified, this is a distort of Time dilation and the future is compromised. You may evaporate and your craft becomes delta in that Universe, Matter is transformed in to energy. 38122781.2. The most plausible scenario is the colombo changes in the calvine and you survive. The world will be completely different. You may end up in the future by 5000 years. It also shows that your biological clock is deteriorating. The converse is very dangerous.

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