Nitrogen Advance

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 7:54 PM

Verify delta; The Star Craft has instant recognition when it comes to nitrogen, another safety armament. Nitrogen is everywhere, its in the craft all around the craft and when in space its there but unfounded. It cavitates to the energy in Blankenship. The nitrogen can be counted in space, Nitrogen has relinquish capability. The alpha Nitrogen in the craft is built into the craft hull. This nitro tunnel cavitations at the perimeter with the oxygen and Co2 . The hull substantiates the nitrogen on the class 5, this tunnel is filled with liquid nitrogen. The Class 5 requires for component delta and crew 81 gallons. There is also a manual delta when needed. The clevis spec for the Class 5 is 13 seconds per hour. Liquid modifier are available and installed out of hull. There is 4 inches of hull all around the Nitrogen tunnel. It has a filler at the roof line just in reach of the Lear and is modified to Hull specs. The nitrogen has a two fold expression, one its the delivery to the Lear through his helmet. the second is a molecular disdain in vitro. The collapse of the nitrogen for sustainability is at vectors 128177481.2 about the distance of Mars. The belt pressure to this distance is 4100 but at this vector the belt pressure is built up to 8100. The nitrogen now can move. It swirls in the nitro chamber and creates the lift in space. The energy wants to congeal but can not, The interior helm is coordinated with the nitrogen in chamber. The nitrogen acts like helm lift. It pushes up when activated the molecular structure is a form of movement upward known as helm disdain. When the craft is in helm disdain the Lear holds the induction alt delineator and with his left hand lifts very fast in front of the column of energy and the craft reacts up. It would not do that without the gravity influx that is created by the nitrogen. The algorithm shows that when provoked in confine delta the craft is up never down. The climb may be at 41 degrees but can be elevated to a linear pathway. 4100 has consequence to up lift in space also and can be accomplished in the same way but the reaction is stronger at the belt pressure 8100 in space at the vectoring delta advance. 128122481.4.

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