No Brakes

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, July 11, 2019 8:06 PM

Philtronic Deltoid; This craft has attributes that must be disclosed. The working parts of the innovation in molecular disdain have new and exciting ways of moving through space safely and with ease. The Philtronic Deltoid has a convulsion, the energy pulsates the craft steady and drives from the convalescing aspect. This craft can move at 3 miles per hour in Earths atmosphere. The Philtronic deltoid makes this possible. It is built into the craft top version alley canopé. The convalescing Duro aspect delta of the magnetron is in conversion to the crafts deltoid or its mid perimeter area. The craft comes into the atmosphere and no further induction is required to land. The determinations are established based on weight and circumference. These crafts have no brakes, The Earth is your brake. The magnetosphere is aware of the crafts appearance. The Star Craft is for human and designed for the Earth and calibrated to obey the determination of Earth and other planets or moons that have their determinations. The Earth determination is 1281 this elevation is like a landing area for our crafts. They move very slowly in Earths atmosphere if not inducted. They are uncrashable. The matrix is convalescing in Earths atmosphere, it rises slowly and moves up at 41 degrees until it reaches the Earths determinations and the planet will allow you to continue up at higher altitudes in sequence with the Earth. Our induction parameter is alpha 31,288 at the point of induction to the craft. The craft will leave the atmosphere and through to the density of 2 at the orbital margin 47,381 ft above the Earth. Top out speed is expected to revel through the atmosphere with limited heat variance. We exit quickly and enter even faster, the columbine delta has already been established to ground control. There are vectors exiting and leaving in other countries Air Space. The calculation is at 41 degrees if you are following protocol delta determinations of Earth. They can be ignored, but not by us we must set precedence with our crafts, and they shall be concept delta when ever possible. Their is a hierarchy in the advance of space crafts, The determinations are obeyed for Earth Crafts because you have reached Earth. The Philtronic Deltoid is always the same if the protocol is met every time and we recognize our own determinations. Other visitors may not and we will know they are not from Earth. To obey the determinations from Earth allows us the comfort of having an uncrashable craft. We will revisit the Demetri at take off and reentry. These crafts are research vessels for the planet Earth and not designed for war fare. The attributes are to carry the person to anywhere on the planet or through the solar system on the same day and return safely. . 88122381.2 Matching signal of the Earth in delta.

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