No Inertia

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 6:51 PM

Columbine the delta; When traveling in space the induction of the fuel expense is spared, we operate in fuel expense by the molecule. The more molecules that can be created in space the longer you can travel. There are trillions of molecules in 3000 gallons of Methane Hydrate. This leaves one question how many miles can you go in space at 3,000 gallons of fuel. The physics are staggering, they compromise the mission, When in motion with induction, the calliope is always in tail. This delta has connection with space. It offers more miles to the gallon. The Star Craft is rated for 43,381 fpm. Its on the second tear of the crafting. The columbine allows for 3 times that in fuel espionage. The columbine in delta circumvents the molecules. One may be positively charged that's a minus in space travel. However it does happen the algorithm shows the columbine is to great, therefore the climax delta must be controlled, A positive charge is released. This creates a slow down, and a fuel expense. The possibility of a positive release is 30 percent. Density controls the wavelength, the positive charge is the time and the convulsion is the craft at high consumption periods as in positively charge dynamics. The result is a slow down. There is a way to make it up in space, the slow turns fast in density that is redundant. Your Top-Out speed can increase to over 81,241 fpm. Mars is in reach in the same day as when you left Earth. The circumvent is space annuls, there are discoveries out here that create speed in space and that is where induction crafting shines. Induction is a part of our Universe. If the columbines match, fast space travel is possible. While traveling you create the positive charge and there may be only one, but its a minus in space. The Class 5 Star Craft can be upgraded to Anti-Matter absolvent. The columbine changes to an Anti-Matter dissolvent. The chronicle advised to delta the columbine until the max velocity is possible every where we go. Anti-Matter dissolvent is the columbine and the control is Astro plane. These are very long distances and induction is variance at culvert detail 128144781.2 , in other words time is the detail. The Star Craft advances to Anti-Matter capable, The climax delta is 141 ,000 fpm. with potential of 2 times greater ,the molecular structure in the fuel expense has increased. The amount of fuel needed is far less traveling with Anti-Matter dissolvent. The Craft has A LIFETIME IN FORTITUDE in 300 years. The Star Craft may not be refueled in your lifetime. The convex is increased and the delix is sublime. Anti-Matter works well with induction. It is the only scale up besides two Linear Accelerators one on each side. This boomerang assembly is two Lears and all capabilities. Induction makes advance in Time Dilation attributes.

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