No Moving Parts

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, March 22, 2020 12:02 PM

Power in displacement; The XCL Power Producer is the field work in the innovation of the space propulsion system. It has variance in two quadrants, its a dismal strike for the ability to force molecules thorough a copper plate to reduce the resonance to resilience. If the power can be produced in regularity to ion infraction with delta to components then you reduce the amount of moving parts. Its the structure that is moving in delta, this mode of travel is consistent to the criteria of space density and to convulse power in a gravity down complacent. The Earth has induction but not enough, we have plenty of nuclear particulates in the atmosphere and more every day, The balance lies in the power that exists on Earth and in space. When traveling in space you need protection from nuclear particulates, they are not forgiving and will collide your body without demetri and follow the line of sight to your brain activity. The damage is fatal, therefore we as a people need protection from particles that can kill us. The XCL is that innovation, both on Earth and in space. The propulsion is almost exactly the same, Gravity demeanor is alpha state in resonance and with weight limit converse for delta at 2 over is 12,800 lbs or less. You will find your decent and lift sequences at a 41 degree angles , its the natural variation of how the Energy moves when its free. The field surround the craft and protects the members in the craft from radio active particles and chemicals that are deflected for the variance, it is 'over' in the disdain. On the Earth the interfacing is quite different it is radial in the inflection, its immediate in the reduction of these particles in a radio infraction and within 31 seconds. In space its always under protection. The Lear can travel without fear of harmful particles and froth to the human body. The induction on Earth is that we have a condition known as delta down and that's where gravity is the detail for the planet and the conglomerate of space has allowed it for the incumbency of life. The technology allows the same protection from diseases on Earth, In a delta down condition the energy must be indexed, this the distance required to be in the interface distance from the resonance field driver assembly that is mounted 1,381 ft into the Earth. We use the strength of the Earth to create at least 2 over, our own natural induction, this allows for higher frequency in the remission of the disease. People with disease do not have the delta in certain organs and the resonance balances the energy to the person under resonance. These field trails are for minutes and sessions over a period of time and done in solitary conditions. We need technology that does not require resources that are hard to make or receive, the power is free and the resonance can be shared among the population that is infracted by disease or accidental over exposure to nuclear particulates. It strengthen our arsenal against disease and harm from countries that can change the diphtheria of the Earth and without recourse. Alpha 128144781281.2 its done with energy not meds.

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