No Ripping

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, December 5, 2019 8:59 PM

Protocol Alpha; The nuclear fission disdain is not allowed in space. It has repercussions that remain in conglomeration for centuries. It continues to fission everywhere it is. In space this can create spin aperture involvements and clandestine meetings with other worldly. The reaction is not good for our Universe. It will kill you in 13 minutes in depositions to the fission reaction. Space is a conglomerate so is the nuclear fission. It will not stop in space because of the density protecting it. It acts distressed but the truth is very violent to the space conglomerate we have. It can rip space time. If you rip space time we go nowhere. The craft stops and starts to spin. This reaction is the most dangerous to people. It infiltrates your brain and condenses the blood stream to fissure anomaly. You will not survive. Caution on the Earth it can blow up. Protocol Alpha is not just a protocol its advisory. No fission reactions in an inductive craft. Protocol Alpha 2134488281.2. Space Law , clandestine calls for disdain only. 22781.4 harbor anomaly in course with destruction. Phase shift is allowed in vescue for clandestine at 4.18. Human are 2.81 the density is freefall. Protective ware is the delivery of thermal bursts in the non-inductive craft. The yield ratio if you survive is less than 13 percent gain. When performing a fission reaction the sound barrier shall be protected. It can collapse sound. The gentry in non-inductive must have wave separators to protect the sound barrier of space. These generators must have a force equal to the fission reaction. The Kelvin is 228 alpha and lower. 54188281.2 collapse gentry alpha state collidle and separated RIP SPACE Time

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