Orchestrator the Sun

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 22, 2019 1:20 PM

Sedimentary Rock; Where does it come from? Sedimentary rock comes from space, its value is in the creation of planets and moons. The dust has sequence in the formation of the planet or moon. It dissolves first then hardens to a natural state of matter. Most of the reaction is in space before it becomes the planet or moon. It is deliberate in creation. These particles are remnants of dying stars, when they eject they compromise the space around the disdain star and culvert to a carbon dysteria, it may lay dormant for millions of years before the sedimentary rock is in delta. These particles are the affluent in space body creation. They move like the wind in space and find their home when the determination of the host star has its grip on the density its driving. The Star or Sun has its determination in culvert detail to the sedimentary rock. Its the first line of defense to the Suns ability to gather the particles. It pulls and tugs certain rock formations to its culvert detail like a flock of birds to the nesting site. It wants to gravitate the detail, but the Universe has the detail for gravity influx delta. The only thing the newly formed Sun or Star can do is culvert the detail by softening the density around its self. When this happens the chemicals also culvert the detail. Many chemicals are also in culvert to the density disdain of the Sun. During formation of the Sun or Star the density is high and after it lowers to a gravity influx delta. This is when the Sun gathers its fortitude in the creation of the planets and Moons it wants to revolve around the host Sun or Star. It tries desperately to gather as much material it can for the creation of the Solar System. Some planets and moons are mostly of sedimentary conclusion, some are a verity of metals stuck in the culvert detail. The Sun recognizes the detail in its determination and clouds the newly forming planets and moons with chemicals that can start pushing the sedimentary rock in fortitude alpha sequence. Its the chemicals that do most of the work before a gravity influx is granted by the Universe. The spin aperture involvement must be consistent to at least 4 revolutions by chemical reaction before the Universe can feel the drive sequence that the chemicals are in delta deliberate alpha sequence. This push is happing all over the Universe, and the conglomerate of Nitrogen is the carrier of information to the new system. Gravity has no influx until the determination of the planet is observed by the Universe. Once the revolutions are established the gravity influx ignites the cores, because it permeates all things, including the affluent of a planetary body. The sedimentary disdain in the planet or moon is moving to accommodate the metals of the core to be established. High influx creates the revolutions of the planets determination. Space particles are an important part of the natural creation of Planets and Moons. 5578122381.4.

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