Our WOW Signals

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, July 29, 2019 7:21 PM

Detroit Hathaway; There is a section of normal wiring in the craft, The wires are for convoluted information that can transmit to the Control Alpha , They do not need to be built in to the hull but conduit in secursions. They carry some interior lighting and convex certain information to Control. The computer that has clevis is under vacuum. Computers under vacuum act differently than regular computers. The convex is the Teledyne communication system. It is what is sent in algorithm to Alpha Control. The keyboard has no letters only numbers. 128122381.2 sent will communicate the sector of information in sound variance. every number in sequence has a variable and a different sound in the convex delta to mission control anywhere in the solar system. It is time variance but the communication far from Earth is still possible. The helmet worn by the Lear has the sound variance direct from the Detroit Hathaway alpha signaler. The Teledyne system can be heard any where in the Universe. It can be for algorithm communication and distress alpha signals. The Hathaway works in sound variance only and the Earth Teledyne communicators are listing to the sounds and the number is transformed into the message. 128122381.2 is met with the understanding that a vector has been sent by the Lear. All the algorithms are set for this type of communication with Mission control. They may respond with 128122381.4 This number is transposed into a retro call back from mission and acknowledges the vector in sequence. The Lear sees the number and can here the sound variance in alpha state. The Detroit Hathaway has clevis no matter the distance. Its our WOW! SIGNALS. We can speak in number sequence algorithms to communicate with Earth. The algorithms created here in this Blog are the example. We will not be able to communicate for long distances without the Detroit Hathaway Teledyne System. We speak in numbers when traveling in space. The only way that it can change to real time advance communication is to set satellites over the distance of our solar system. The development of the Exo Satellites systems are in their infancy but can be calibrated over certain moons and planets for the triangle capillary convex of real words.

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