Oxygen Commodity

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, August 5, 2019 7:59 PM

Safety armaments continued; Oxygen is the parameter of the craft. These molecules follow the disdain in confine delta at the perimeter of the craft. They want to move but can not due to the belt pressure. in confine delta we are at 4100 psi., but will increase the further out . Oxygen has a surplus in Earths atmosphere ,but in space its very scarce. It takes forces by the Sun and the Earth to create oxygen. The corpuscle of understanding is the oxygen is in-vitro to the craft. All the Co2 that can be absorbed in Earths atmosphere and with in confine delta are subject particles. The Lear must know the amount and where they are in the craft. Co2 clings to the oxygen in cone delta. Co2 is also at the parameter of the craft. This is an area where you will want your spleen box located. You must have a spleen box to break down certain chemicals in vitro aspirations. Prosperous is a common element to absorb through molecular disdain attribute. The oxygen and the Co2 are present to help in that break down. Its best to feed your life force through molecular disdain attributes rather than taking pills in space. One prosperous tab will last for 1 million 28 thousand nautical miles. The absorption in rate is Cali dentine alpha, 4488281.2.Most from the ears but alpha to the nose in-vitro. The brain process the incumbency like on the Earth but the ears are the coefficient in the delta. The oxygen levels will fall, because you are using the oxygen from the tank. You are absorbing the particles in-vitro and under the equivalent to Earth base pressure, but in space the oxygen can be robbed from the craft. Large gas giants can be infracted with your cargo of oxygen and Co2. Get to close and you can loose the in-vitro that has built up in the confines of the craft. Oxygen levels must be alpha equivalent when traveling in space and manual conception is guaranteed to replenish the oxygen level maintained by the Lear. These Gas giants are no joke and extreme caution is advised to oxygen deplete in our sector of space. Space Law alpha manual replenish. 7722381.2.

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