Paradigm Shift

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, May 10, 2020 1:56 AM

Paradigm Shift; The microbiology of water is the distinct expression of our company. The delta has the ability to reduce the salt content from Sea Water. We will be expressing the Paradigm Shift in consequence to the delta of the energy produced. Energy in resilience is collective, when a technology has the ability to detract the substance from the collective we see a paradigm shift. The communities that are dependent on rivers and streams for water in their lands are slowly being depleted. The river valleys of New Mexico and Arizona are in dire consequence of running out of the precious resource. Our technology can change the outcome. Here's how it works, Sea water is trucked to our facility into pools we create in front of our resonance monitor. The resonance monitor is the by-product of the Energy that is created. This resonance is then fielded over the water through aluminum piping and pumped back into the pool of Sea Water. The resonance is the detail, as the water is fielded the resonance is combated and the salt content in the water begins to drop. Over a period of time the Salt content begins to break down. Salt in Sea Water is different that Salt you use to cook with. Sea water has a suspension for the salt content, its this suspension our technology attacks. Resonance has certain factors to eliminate the salt content, it first has to collide with the piping made of aluminum and piped in a condensing pipe pattern. The piping is pumped from one end and returned to the pool over and over. This circulation creates the dysteria needed to dissolve the salt. As the resonance is carried over the piping it is in index to the Energy being produced. The collaboration of molecular structure is deltoid in the indifference. The Salt becomes more pliable, and begins to break down. The condition is known as chlorophyll distain delta. The water resurges back into the pool and a new round of distain is the abernath. The collective is removed, and the balance is reduced in salt content, the system works in solitude and only requires pumps that are driven by the electricity created by our technology. The alpha sequence in Desalinization is per medial, The alta changes through resonance factor delta at 4 over. We can run this plant 24 hours per day all year long and build a collective of desalinized water, the collective response is 9,800 gallons per month, and consistent through the year. Hundreds of thousands of gallons can be collected for potable water resources. Farmers can use the water they need to grow their crops and the populations can remain in their communities with plenty of water to sustain. The molecular distain in algorithm is 48122787381.4 over the salt content in Sea water 4718838122795, resonance factor at 4 over. Higher degrees are possible at 7 over and larger amounts of potable can be created from the Sea Water in deluge sequestion at 449892238722 7 over up to 1,291 gallons per day in metro areas and larger communities. The salt content when completed is after resurge filters is a condition drop at 41 percent the value is tremendous and the cost is electricity that our product creates indifferently. The concept includes large reservoirs that can be lined and re claimed for the population, without billions in expense. The total project in collective response is under 100 million.

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